Transitional Program

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Some teens and young who use AAC devices may have difficulty separating online betting tanzania from their parents for an extended period of time.  Others may require significant care that limits their independence.  The Transitional Program targets children, ages 15 - 22, who are using an AAC device to support their communicating needs and can benefit from intervention to improve their communicative competence and start them on the road to independence.  

These young adults may attend camp with their parents. The campers will reside in cabins with age-appropriate peers.  Parents will reside in tanzania betting cabins with other parents.  Parents may choose to provide the daily care to their child or elect to enable their children to begin to direct their care with an assigned counselor. There is a different fee structure for each option.  Parents will join the campers for meals and for evening activities.  While parents are welcome to join the Parent Training sessions, parents must recognize that these sessions target parents new to Chatterbox and bet tz possible new to AAC.  Thus not all sessions may be relevant.  Parents are welcome to attend the Parent Night Out event. 

As with the other Chatterbox programs, Campers are grouped according to age and abilities for all language-based activities and are involved in a range of activities to promote use of their communication systems across multiple settings.  They have the opportunity to interact with other children using AAC systems while learning to use their devices in a fun and functional activities.  Campers also can enjoy swimming, nature activities, campfires, and outdoor sports.  Campers will  participate in the  “Camp Talent Show”!

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