Independent Camper Program

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This program targets lingistically competent online betting campers, aged 15 - 22, who can benefit from activities that help build critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and advanced pragmatic abilities. 

Campers have the opportunity to use their AAC devices to communicate with unfamiliar listeners, direct their care and advocate for their needs.  They learn to accept responsibilities for their schedule and actions.  There are plenty of opportunities for just plain old fun!

Depending upon their skills and goals, Campers in this program may have the opportunity to serve as a mentor for younger campers enrolled in the Family Program.

Campers live in cabins with other sports bet campers of the same sex and similar age range and are supervised by Camp Counselors.  There is a 2-1 camper to counselor ratio.  A Camp nurse is on duty 24/7 to administer medications and address routine healthcare issues.  Campers may choose to bring their own PCA or elect to receive care from a camp counselor.   Those coming with their own PCA only need to pay an additional $250 which covers the PCA’s room and board.  Those bet in tanzania electing to receive care from a counselor, must indicate the Level of Care required by the camper to meet their personal needs.  Campers registering for Level 2, can feed themselves, but require support to address other personal care and/or mobility support needs.  Level 3 campers are totally dependent for all self care, but may have independent mobility skills. 

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