To Apply


To be eligible to apply for Camp Chatterbox, a Camper must be using an AAC device beyond the level of requesting and responding and not require 1-1 behavioral support.  For additional information  please reference, "Is Camp Appropriate ….”.  Since attending Camp Chatterbox is a true camp experience for campers and parents alike, parents may also want to review the following information sheet - "Is Camp Appropriate for Mom & Dad”. 

School/Agency Contract Information

Some School Districts and Agencies provide financial support for camper's participation in the Chatterbox Program.  For families benefiting from this type of support, a contract MUST be completed deliniating the agreeded upon fees.  This form MUST be signed by both the family and an Authorized Representative of the funding agency.  The form MUST be received by the Camp Director, prior to a family initiating the registration process.  Families are responsible for the non-refundable deposit if the funding agency procesess payment after the end of the camp session. 


For families needing financial assistance there are a limited number of partial Camperships available for the 2017 Season.  There are also a number of local Charities that provide support for campers. If you are in need of financial support or if have specific questions contact 

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