Family Program 

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The Family Program program targets campers from ages 5 - 22 seeking a week-long family camp experience.  Parents and siblings join their AAC camper at Chatterbox and actively participate in the camp program as a family.  Parents and siblings sleep in the cabins with campers. Several families are grouped together providing increased opportunities for spontaneous peer interaction.  

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The Family Program widens the scope of training opportunities for parents, and helps siblings become an integral part of the camp program.  Siblings must be between 7-15 years old and not be educationally classified nor require 1-1 support for behavior control. 

Campers are grouped according to betting in tanzania age and abilities for all language-based activities.  Typically there is a group for beginning AAC device users who are able to engage in play activities and use their device to answer questions using a 1 or 2 symbol response.  Intermediate users, (i.e., those forming 3-4 word messages) form a second group, and there is an advanced group for children with more complex syntactic abilities who need to address critical thinking and/or pragmatic language goals.  

Campers are involved in a range of activities to promote use of their communication systems across multiple settings.  They have the opportunity to interact with other children using AAC systems while learning to use their devices in a fun and functional activities.  During a typical day a camper will be involved in approximately 5-hours of therapeutic activities that target initiation of communication and increased use of their AAC device.  Campers also enjoy swimming, nature activities, campfires, and outdoor sports. Lunchtime announcements provide an opportunity for initiated communication.  Camp typically ends with an “All Camp Talent Show” where everyone has the opportunity to be a star! 

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